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The Boyfriend List

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Oct. 19th, 2006 | 08:35 am

I just finished reading The Boyfriend List by E. Lockhart. I actually bought it yesterday at Target and surprisingly read the whole thing in one sitting (Okay, actually a few sittings. In between my intense reading sessions I ate, taught a class, took a shower, got the mail, and complained on the phone to husband about life, and cleaned lots of yellow wax out of my ears). This is all to say I was impressed. I didn't know if I'd be impressed but I was. The voice felt authentic. The details were accurate and vivid. And I obviously wanted to know what happened that dreadful night of the spring fling. E. Lockhart, if you ever read my very important LJ, know I am a fan.

I did however have a few questions. The book is about losing friends--both both boyfriends and girlfriends. So I'm thinking, how strong was the relationship between Ruby and Kim? I know what Ruby did to Kim seemed somewhat horrific but wouldn't there be some kind of productive discussion about it after awhile? I mean the two had been best best friends forever and Kim HAD moved in on Ruby's boyfriend. That was obvious. And yes, what Ruby did was bad BUT was it so horrible that Kim would never even try to understand? I wonder if this is just me hoping that friendship means--even with boy situations--you'd at least TRY to understand. WHICH by the way I thought was a strength with Ruby. When Kim accused her of flirting with Finn, Ruby internally admitted it and while I was reading it I thought, hmmm, I didn't think that was flirting. Not really. But it made me think Ruby was honest and actually QUITE mature compared to her friends. She was able to admit mistakes and see that she was not infallible. I wish Kim and co. would have been the same. I also wish I had a better sense of Kim. It just seemed too fast for her to completely turn. But maybe not.

Also, the Jackson thing bugged me. He came back to the dock and saw her kissing whatshisname and was jealous/mad? She wasn't even really kissing the guy. Plus they were broken up and so the rage/she's-such-a-slut felt weird to me. But maybe that's just me.

And, to actually get at the horrific event itself, well, the kiss on the boat seemed bad but not so bad. I guess I'd think people would be more sympathetic to Ruby and rather than call her a slut, they'd just call her pathetic or sad or alone or desperate.

I also wished more had happened with Hutch although Lockhart anticipated that well and assured me that it was not going to be another Woody Allen movie. Which by the way, brought on another question, when does the idiot get the girl in Dumb and Dumber? Are we talking the skiing/snowball fight scene? Did he get the girl? That one I didn't quite agree with but maybe I need to watch it again.

All this rambling is just to say it was a good read. I liked it. I wanted to keep reading. It made me ask questions which is good. I was left wanting more from her friends but that's okay.

The End

Oh, except in other news I got the ARC of my book. Did I already write about that? Oh. Well. I did. And I am very excited but also scared out of my mind. I don't know what I need to do to deal with my anxiety about letting people actually read my book. I keep blah blahing about it but not actually dealing with it. I think I need therapy. My parents read it and my dad said one thing in our discussion afterwards that made me want to lie in bed for days and of course I blew it out of proportion but STILL. I told Cam that I wondered if I could give the money back and have my nice little protagonist back in my private computer--away from all those nasty critics . . . like my dad and my next door neighbor.

He said we couldn't give the money back. I'm sorry little Logan. I'm feeding you to the world in nine months. Good luck.

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from: adellis
date: Oct. 19th, 2006 05:05 pm (UTC)

Thanks, Sara. The anxiety has already diffused a bit and I'm glad I have some time (actually A LOT of time) to digest it before it actually hits the shelves. I think in some ways this is part of growing up.

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from: kellyrfineman
date: Oct. 21st, 2006 04:25 am (UTC)

I don't have a contract for any of my books yet, let alone an ARC. But I sure know what unsupportive family is like -- my mother and brother in particular are so noncommital/pessimistic about the whole thing that it's nearly a physical blow to talk to them about it. Big hugs.

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