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Valentines Message

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Feb. 7th, 2011 | 08:25 pm

I'm going to be here more.  I hope.  In any case, here is a cross post from Throwingupwords :

I feel extremely flattered by Carol's Monday post for so many reasons. I will name just a few:

1. Carol Lynch Williams said she was jealous of me???? ME?

  • the woman home schooled her five beautiful girls all while writing a gazillion amazing books.
  • all her girls worship her
  • she is a gifted teacher and runs a mega-successful conference that helped me get my start (you should all go, it really has it all)
  • she has like four books coming out in the next year or so and the one coming out in March got this STARRED review in Kirkus:

This absorbing portrait of a 13-year-old girl and her struggle to cope with her mentally ill mother transports readers to hope, fear and horror.

Lacey just wants to be ordinary. She wants to have a friend and to work at the library, but her apparently psychotic mother dominates her life. The girl must take care of Momma, instead of the other way around. When her mother disappears, Lacey confronts not only her own fears but also her mother's desperate illness. Momma constantly talks to Lacey's dead "Granddaddy," who tells her to do bizarre things. Granddaddy's latest request, however, might get both of them killed. Far more frightening than a ghost story, the novel achieves complete realism as Williams shows readers events through the eyes of a young girl whom the child-protection system has failed. Nevertheless, Lacey has so much spunk that readers are sure she'll survive. The author has crafted both a riveting, unusual suspense tale and an absolutely convincing character in Lacey. The book truly is miles from ordinary, in the very best way.

Outstanding. (Fiction. 12 & up)

  • I have read this book and it is amazing. And scary. And outstanding. Everyone should read it.
  • She is a strong wonderful mother and person and writer and everything.

2. Carol said I love my boys and my orange couch is proof? Ummm, my orange couch is covered in ball point pen which I have no idea how to get off. Does this prove I love my boys or I'm a lazy mom? Either way, it was nice to get something good out of the ruined couch ordeal.

3. The book that Carol is talking about, the one that I have been blah blahing about for months is not done. In reality, it's a mess. The fact that Carol spoke so highly of its messiness was something I needed. It needs so much work. SO MUCH WORK. But I figured some things out and it's nice to have someone say that maybe it's going to finally be a book that people will read.

So there are more reasons why the Monday post made my day, but most of all, it's nice to have good friends who cheer you on. I think this is especially crucial for all of us writers. We need each other. We need to be able to commiserate and complain and laugh and cry and reassure and all of that. Otherwise we'd never get anything done. Novels are hard hard hard work. Anyone who says differently is lying or crazy or extremely gifted and we won't talk about them.

I think that's all. It is Valentines week and I had planned on talking about kissing and romance and how I am so so so bad at writing that stuff but I'll save that for another time. Instead for this Valentines message I'd just like to say thank you. Thank you to all my friends. All my dear dear dear writer friends, my non-writer friends, my blogging friends, my reader friends, my non-reader friends, my student friends, my teacher friends, my agent friends, my editor friends, my everybody friends. You all have saved me over and over again.

Love and chocolate,

ann dee

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Comments {2}

The Gab

(no subject)

from: gab
date: Feb. 8th, 2011 06:49 am (UTC)

Awwww. We all love you and KNOW that you're a fantastic writer. I put yours and Carol's books on the top shelf of my brand new book case so I can admire them always. True story!

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(no subject)

from: windmillwatching.blogspot.com
date: Feb. 8th, 2011 08:43 pm (UTC)

actually, your book doesn't need that much work. after group I stayed up till three in the morning reading it. amazing. and I kept realizing things that were awesome for the whole next day. you've got something great there.

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